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Auto service

Mechanical service:

  • Car diagnostics
  • Professional air conditioning service
  • Brake systems repairs
  • Steering systems repairs
  • Suspension repairs
  • Operating fluids and filters replacement
  • Professional replacement of brake fluid on the ATE FB30 device
  • Engine timing systems replacement
  • Wheel alignment on Hunter 3D machine
  • Manual gearboxes repairs
  • Clutch replacement
  • Engine repairs
  • DPF filters regeneration
  • Other current repairs
  • Lamps polishing
  • Courtesy car FOR FREE

Tyre service:

  • Replacement and repairs of all types of tyres, including RUN-FLAT tyres
  • Sales and programming of TPMS pressure sensors
  • Computer wheel balancing on the Hunter diagnostic device
  • Balancing of blind wheels
  • Computer straightening of rims
  • Wheels pumping up with nitrogen
  • Serrated tyre tread wear equalising – noise elimination
  • Computer diagnostics of wheels - measurement of wheel vibrations on the Hunter diagnostic device


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